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The Chore Match Mission is to help individuals find new ways of creating prosperity and ease in their lives, by opening new opportunities to help others.

We at Chore Match believe that there is a mutually beneficial  match for everyone’s needs. If you need to work, advertise your skills with a free classified ad. If you need some extra help, place a free Help Wanted classified ad. Individual Service Providers can also certify if they have a Background Check with this badge or if they are a Veteran. We especially focus on helping our Veterans, so please give them consideration when reviewing Service Provider’s Profiles.
Place a Free or Featured classified ad detailing: the Services you provide, or the Services you wish to hire for. Your ads will link to your Profile,  this creates a sense of community, and a way to get to know the people you might want to hire, or get hired by. You can Instant Message Members, leave reviews and earn Chore Gold Points (use like money) on the site for each visit, referring new Members, placing ads and more.
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