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On Chore Match, if you check the option, I certify I have a Background Check, then you must be prepared to show that to potential employers. Since you own the background check, you have the right to hide your social security number and other private information on it before you present it to a potential employer. If you refuse to show the Background Check that you certify that you have, your profile will be removed from the site, and you will be banned from joining again.

Service Providers with a Background Check will have the shield icon displayed next to their name.

To learn more about Background Checks, or to obtain a Background Check, please read on.

What is a background check?

Depending on the type of Background Check you order, the items reveled can include: criminal records, education, employment history, credit history, motor vehicle and license records, and/or civil records.

The process may sound intense, but the government offers some protections in terms of what type of information is contained in a background check.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) sets national standards for employment screenings. According to the FCRA, this information will not be included

Bankruptcies after 10 years
Civil suits, civil judgments, and arrest records, after seven years from date of entry
Paid tax liens after seven years
Accounts placed for collection after seven years
Any other negative information (except criminal convictions) after seven years


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