Q. Should I choose Service Seeker, Service Provider or Company for my Member Type?

A. If you are only going to post ads to hire people, then choose Service Seeker. You can place any type of ad, but your Social Profile will not have the extra pages that the other Member Types will have, such as Reviews, and Service Provider Categories.

If you are a Company with employees, then choose Company. Companies can place ads for Seeking Services and Providing Services. The Company Profile provides a Company Review Page. Companies also have a separate Business Listing, place your Business Listing at this link, Place a Business Listing.

If you are an Individual, and want to highlight your Profile with the Veteran Status, and/or the Background Check Status, or be listed in the Service Provider Category pages, then you should choose Service Provider. Service Providers can place ads for Providing Services, and also place ads for Seeking Services as well.

Q. What is Chore Match Gold?
A. Gold is a Points System to reward you for placing ads, inviting new Members, sharing ads and posts on Facebook and Twitter, contributing Content and more. Gold can be used to purchase extended and featured ads, and more to come!

Q. What is The Private Message System?
A. When you are logged in to your account, you can send Messages to other Members by clicking the Private Message button in their ads or in their Profiles. Use common courtesy when messaging Members. Only messages regarding Chore Match ads are permissible. Members reported for abusing the Message System will be banned from the site.

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