Hire a Veteran

Look for the Veteran Shield in any Service Provider Category to find US Veterans to hire.

The Chore Match Mission is to help individuals find new ways of creating prosperity and ease in their lives, by opening new opportunities to help others. We are proud and excited to help our Veterans find more ways to be successful.

To hire a Veteran go to User Profiles, and choose Veteran Status to sort by the Profiles.

You can Search by Background Check, Ratings, Names Alphabetized or Veteran Status.

We at Chore Match believe that there is a perfect match for everyone’s needs. If you need to work, we want to help you find a perfect match for that need. If you need some extra help, we want to help you find that perfect match.

We especially focus on helping our Veterans, so please give them consideration when reviewing Service Provider’s Profiles.

The idea for Chore Match grew out of the founder’s passion to help our Veterans. We are a Veteran-Owned & Operated Business.

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