Veterans Vocational Training

There are many resources available for Veterans, and especially for those who have become disabled during their service. This link gives full details on the Vocational Training Program offered by the VA, The VA offers skills coaching and access to help for Veterans wishing to start their own businesses. If you have a service-connected disability that makes it difficult for you to work in your previous profession, VA offers counseling, training, education, job placement, and other services to help you launch a new career. Find out if you are eligible and apply online at

At Chore Match, we hope that the Members who need chores performed at their home or business will consider helping the Veterans in their community. And in turn, our Veterans will be helping us too!

The G.I. Bill is a major help in accessing educational opportunities. Here are some important links to help Veterans find out more about the G.I Bill.

Many VA and other government resources exist to help you choose a school and education program. Visit these VA and non-VA sites for guidance:

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