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Free or Featured Chore Match ads are always attached to a Profile; either a Person or a Company. You can read their reviews, select Providers with a background check, or US Veterans, send an Instant Message to them right on the website, and leave your own review after the job.

Service Providers can post examples of their work on their Profiles. With Chore Match getting work and getting work done is easy! Just browse through the ads, or post your own Help Wanted or Service Offered ad.


Earn Chore Gold Points (use like money) on the site for each visit, referring new Members, placing ads and more.


Make More Money

Register a Social Profile and Post a Free or Featured Classified Ad for your Services.

Services Offered or Help Wanted Ads

Business or Office Services Chores for Businesses or Office chores, such as Organizing, Setting up Computers, Training, etc.

Caregiver Services Caregivers for children and adults.

Pet Services Dog Walking, Pet Sitting and Pet Training.

Garden & Landscape Services Mow lawns, plant gardens, landscape.

Home Repairs Services Carpentry, small fix-it jobs around the house.

Housekeeping Services Cleaning and general housekeeping chores.

Miscellaneous Services Moving, cooking, odd jobs, etc.

Assistant Services Service Providers who will go shopping for you and run general errands. Read More


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